The Isetta BMW 600


The Isetta 600 used a semi-trailing arm rear suspension and was the first production vehicle to use this design. It was also the last BMW model to use a frame.

This model was designed as a logical step-up from the popular Isetta 300/250. Unfortunately, stiff competition from other ‘conventional’ small cars of the time resulted in poor sales and it’s limited production.

It is estimated that only 200 vehicles exist today.

In 1995 this 600 was purchased as a package deal with another 600. Although this vehicle was missing its engine and transmission, overall it was fairly complete. Unlike its smaller brother, the Isetta 250/300, replacement parts for 600s are very difficult to find. Two additional 600s were eventually purchased for the few parts that were missing.

The owner’s main goal was to restore the car back to factory standards, and to use as many original parts as possible. With exception of the paint & body, the owner was able to perform all of the work. Every part, nut & bolt, was taken off, stripped and painted. The mechanicals were not the biggest challenge, but rather the trim and upholstery.

Five years after starting this project, the car finally made it back on the street. Since then, it has racked up about 1000 miles a year.

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