Manhart tuned BMW – MH2 Clubsport

manhart mh2 clubsport bmw
 The BMW 2 Series doesn’t get nearly the same amount of love as it should. You can blame the 4 Series for that. The same can even be said for the M235i and the M4 , with the latter getting much more of the publicity. So thank you, Manhart , for giving the M235i some love. You didn’t have to do it, but you still did, giving the baby M a nice MH2 Clubsport program that features plenty of aerodynamic and performance upgrades to soundly accomplish its club sport capabilities.
manhart mh2 clubsport bmw
A car developed for Club sport Racing needs to be treated delicately. Thankfully, Manhart is up to task with the M235i Coupe , outfitting with the kind of comprehensive program that not only gives it plenty of new aerodynamic components to make it lighter but to match it with a stout engine upgrade that significantly increases the car’s already impressive output.

There are a lot of incredible parts about the MH2 Clubsport program. It’s a testament to the incredible work put in by Manhart Racing to raise the M235i’s profile as a natural born racer.

Performance: 430 HP, 592 Nm
Vmax: > 300Km/h
Engine: 3.0L Twin-Power Turbo (N55)
MANHART Performance Kit
Exhaust: MANHART Stainless Steel Sport-Exhaust, 2x90mm, Export-Version
MANHART Downpipe with Sport-Catalyst (200 cell)
Suspension: KW Clubsport-Coilover Suspension (3-way)
MANHART Suspension Setup
Wheels/Tires: FA: MANHART Concave ONE 8,5×19” with 225/35 ZR19 Michelin SuperSport
RA: MANHART Concave ONE 9,5×19” with 255/30 ZR19 Michelin SuperSport
Brake System: VA: MANHART 6 Piston with 350/34mm discs, PAGID Pads, steel flex lines
HA: Original M235i, PAGID Pads, steel flex lines
Exterior: BMW Performance Front Spoiler
BMW Performance Rear Diffuser
BMW Performance Trunk Lid Spoiler Carbon Fiber
BMW Performance Mirror Caps Carbon Fiber
MANHART Custom Wrapping
Interior: BMW Performance Brake Lever
BMW Performance Shift Knob
BMW Performance Pedals
AWRON Vent Gauge
RECARO Pole Position Bucket Seats
Rear Seat Bench Removal
Clubsport-Bracket, H-Route with Gusset Plates
Extras: MANHART Differential Lock 0-100%
MANHART High Performance Intercooler
Sachs Racing Clutch

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