E39 ABS Module Repair

E39 ABS Module Repair

Finally, I have some time to write about my E39 BMW module repair. Many BMWs have the same problem with this crappy Bosch electronics used for ABS/ASC modules. A lot of bimmers are asking questions why BMW have made such a stupid engineering decision. But this questions are not asked only by BMW drivers.
Other cars from other car vendors have the same problem, like Volvo for example. This problem is caused by two things.
– bad ABS/ASC design;
– bad BMW engineering decision.
This things are leading to ABS/ASC module failures. I don’t know about other cars, but in E39 BMW ABS/ASC modules are exposed to direct heating from the engine. Everyday high heating and cooling are destroying the module. This high temperature changes are destroying ABS/ASC module semiconductor elements and their soldering.

You can do the followings things for your BMW:
– if your ABS/ASC module is working correctly, don’t loose time and make a thermal shield to protect your module from overheating!!!
– if your ABS/ASC module is faulty the best thing you can do is to send it to be repaired;
– When you repair/change your ABS/ASC module of your BMW do not forget to make thermal/heat shield;
Some workshops will change all electronic components with others, which have better design and characteristics and they will give you up to 5 years warranty! I can recommend you this method!

Most of the time either the steel resistance-welded power wires lift off their gold bondpads or the infinitesimally thin gold signal wires flop over and touch even though they’re ensconced in heat conducting urethane or silicone goop.

There’s no harm in opening the Bosch ABS control module because the remanufacturers (BBA Reman, Module Masters, ATE, etc.) will still work on them even if they’ve been previously opened (as they tests them before working on them).

Bosch 5.7 ABS/ASC module error codes

Here you can find brand new BMW Bosch 5.7 ABS/ASC modules for reasonable price

E39 ABS Module Repair
E39 ABS Module Repair
E39 ABS Module Repair
E39 ABS Module Repair







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