Officially: Here’s the new BMW 5-Series

bmw-5-seriesThe dimensions of the sedan are 4935 mm long, 1868 mm wide, 1466 mm high, and 2975 mm wide. Compared to its predecessor, the car is 36 mm longer, 2 mm taller and 6 mm wider. The wheelbase is increased by 8 mm.

In the construction of the new “fifth” aluminum, steel and magnet were used, which allowed to pull down 100 kg. of the weight, while the bodywork has become healthier. The aerodynamic drag coefficient is reduced by 10% to reach 0.22, which, according to BMW, is the best achievement in the segment.

Suspension of the sedan has been changed by including a new active tilt compensation system. It is controlled electronically, unlike the previous 5-Series stabilizers are not hydraulic, but equipped with electric motors.

At first the model will receive 4 power units. These are 2.0-liter gasoline with 4 cylinders, developing 252 hp. (version 530i), a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder gasoline engine developing 340 hp. (540i), 2.0-liter diesel with 4-cylinder and 190 hp. (520d) and 3.0-liter 6-cylinder and 265 hp diesel. (530d).

All engines, with the exception of the weaker diesel version for which the 6-speed manual gearbox is provided, work with an 8-speed automatic. The xDrive will be available for all modifications, with a full chassis and active steering.

The sedan is also equipped with SYNTAK technology (Synergie-Thermoakustik-Kapsel), which reduces engine noise, keeps its heat and lowers fuel consumption. It is a capsule around the motor, made of lightweight soundproofing material.

The new “Five” has received the same multimedia complex that emerged with the new generation of the 7 Series. It can be operated using gestures or voice commands. There is also a new projection display that is 70% larger than the previous one. There is also a cordless charger for a smartphone, an air conditioning system with ionization and air freshening, a Bowers & Wilkins 1400-watt audio system, massage seats, active cruise control, operating at 120 km. with the ability to “read” the characters. The sedan also has a system for automatic overhauling from one strip to another.

The car will also be able to park without the driver attending, who will monitor the display maneuver on his smartphone. The model is also equipped with a system to exchange information with other cars, as well as the ability to receive e-mail and SMS on the driver’s smartphone.

Sales of the new BMW 5-Series will start on February 11, 2017, and in March will be offered a hybrid modification, as well as the “inflated” verde – M550i, with an 8-cylinder 462 hp engine.

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