BMW M5 F10 tuning by HAMANN

bmw m5 f10 by hamann

Sometimes it is the small details such as carbon fiber trims that make an exclusive difference. HAMANN offers such trims in black and checkered flag carbon fiber for exterior mirrors, indicators, side air intakes, or the roof antenna. For those who want even more HAMANN has the right answer: new front, roof and rear spoiler, side skirts and diffuser. In addition, the made-to-measure wide-body kit for the F10 with its new front and rear skirts and wider wings for a considerable more powerful look promises an extravagant appearance. The complete and utter statement is the BMW M5 as Mission model that offers a unique design thanks to new tuning attachments.

BMW Mbmw m5 f10 by hamann5 – TECHNICAL DATA

The eight-cylinder engine in the M5 currently is the strongest standard BMW engine and delivers 412 kW or 560 hp. The Competition model even produces 575 hp. However, HAMANN sees the limit of the brawny 4.4-litre V8 beyond 600. With the help of a control module (chip tuning), the power is advanced by 90 hp and the maximum torque is increased from 680 to 850 Nm at 1 850 rpm. That ennobles the BMW M5 tuning version to a super sports limousine.

A carefully built four-pipe sport end muffler made of stainless steel provides for an appropriate sound at every speed level.

For HAMANN, however, the work is not done here. Ultimately, the customer shall be able to safely and effectively use the exorbitant engine power. This calls for a precisely designed suspension modification. The progressive springs bring the M5’s center of gravity down by 35 mm to even improve the road grip and optimize the steering behavior.

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