BMW E60 Angel Eyes LED bulbs Osram H8 LEDriving HL

BMW E60 Angel Eyes LED Osram H8 LEDriving HL

BMW E60 Angel Eyes LED Osram H8 LEDriving HL
BMW E60 Angel Eyes LED Osram H8 LEDriving HL

After a long search of LED bulbs that are suitable for BMW E60 LCI I found ones from Osram -H8 LEDriving HL. These bulbs are a new model and they are maybe the best choice if you want to use your Angel Eyes rings as daytime running lights:

  • they are the same as the original ones with respect to dimensions and installation. No additional wires, resistor boxes, etc. Only bulbs which are plug and play.
  •  they are only 8 watts – the original H8 halogen bulbs are 35W each and most of them require more than 42-43 watts of input power! This is quite important when you use them are daytime running lights at full power! If you are using the original halogen ones as daytime running lights the heat from the bulbs will damage your headlight sooner or later! So only 8 watts of power consumption means more than 5 times power and heat reduction!
  • they are 6000K – your BMW angel lights will be whiter and will match the modern look of the newer BMW models and of course the xenon light of the headlights.
  • They are made in Germany and they are not some cheap Chinese crap from unknown garage manufacturers. And they cost around 20-25USD(40-50 USD for pair).
  • They are no errors when you install these LED bulbs. And you don’t need CANBUS cheating resistors.

On the picture below you can see a comparison between LED bulb Osram H8 LEDriving HL(on the left angel eyes) and halogen bulb Osram H8 Night Breaker Laser:






On the next picture, you can see both headlights with Angel Eyes with LED bulbs installed:

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