Alpina XD4

Alpina XD4 – the new diesel is a wolf in sheep clouting

alpina xd4
Alpina XD4

Alpina XD4 is the next-generation model which has more capabilities than ever before. Beside that the new 2018 BMW Alpina XD4 looks more stylish and aggressive. This new BMW X4 crossover transformed by Alpina into high-performance and great looking SUV.

The brand new BMW Alpina XD4 is following the footsteps of its popular predecessors. No other BMW has to offer such a broad range of qualities that span from everyday car and comfort transportation to unparalleled driving pleasure and impressive and dynamic handling. And all of this comes packed in a classy and modern design. Alpina comes with cutting-edge drivetrain which has the best in its class performance.

Alpina XD4 is built on the basis of the newest BMW tree litre inline-six engine equipped with quad turbocharger system and high-pressure direct common-rail injection. This engine delivers a total power output of 285 kW (388 horse power) and the monstrous 770 Nm of torque. This great combination of a powerful engine, 4×4  xDrive system, and torque which is distributed in broad rpm range makes Alpina XD4 a great sports vehicle. And to make it better it has sport suspension with electronic adjustable shock absorbers which means that the new Alpina XD4 offers superior dynamics and handling quality. All of this without any compromises with riding comfort and day to day driving experience

The new model BMW Alpina XD4 features dynamic styling underlined by stylish spoiler on the back and rear apron which has integrated diffusor. Optionally you can have Alpina classic 22” wheels which have a striking impact and great design and appearance. With this wheels, your BMW Alpina XD4 will stand out next to the regular cars. It is important to say that this particular car makes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. These numbers make Alpina DX4 one of the fastest diesel cars!

The Powertrain of Alpina XD4

The ultimate goal with the development of the new Alpina XD4 model is to push it to the new limits and to improve it upon the core Alpina values of their predecessors. This car has the best in its class engine technology, uncompromised driving experience in its segment and characteristics as power, a great amount of torque, comfort when keeping the stability and dynamic handling potential.

alpina xd4 engine
Alpina XD4 Engine

Alpina XD4 is built using the new BMW 3.0-liter inline-six engine with 4 turbochargers. It produces  388 horsepower available over the range from 4000 to 5000 rpm. It has 770 Nm of torque from just 1750 rpm up to 3000 rpm. The result is that this Alpina has performance figures which are quite impressive. The car can achieve 268 km/h which means that it is currently the fastest small SUV in this segment.

The two-stage four turbocharger permanent turbocharging system offers great road performance. It includes two large low-pressure turbochargers that are operating in parallel and also two small high-pressure turbochargers with variable turbine geometry. They are also operating in parallel. The result is smooth power delivery and dynamic over the entire rpm range.

Engine specifications

Cylinders 6 in line
Capacity (cc) 2993
Compression ratio (:1) 16,0
Max output (kW (hp) / rpm) 285 (388) / 4000 – 5000
Max torque (Nm / 1/min) 770 / 1750 – 3000
Fuel type Diesel
Emissions classification Euro 6d

Alpina XD4 performance

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 4,6 seconds
Top speed (km/h) 268 km/h


Alpina All Wheel Drive – redefined BMW xDrive

The new XD4 uses the technical potential of BMW’s all-wheel drive xDrive system all of its technical advantages like dynamic distribution of driving power and fully variable and continuous distribution of torque between the front and rear axle. All these technologies are working within millisecond’s timeframe to provide the required traction and control. Alpina XD4 torque distribution control is integrated with the DSC System(Dynamic Stability Control) and the BMW engine management system. It is tuned to be performance-oriented and this increases greatly the driving agility dynamic characteristics of the car.

Alpina XD4 comes limited-slip differential witch is electronically controlled. This technology is improving the traction during sporty driving by ensuring that slip-induced losses are minimized and all the torque is distributed effectively to those wheels which have most grip at this particular point in time.


The transmission of this car uses the latest generation 8-Speed Sport Automatic Transmission. The technology is called ALPINA SWITCH-TRONIC and it is specifically adapted to match the performance of this six-cylinder diesel beast. Alpina are working in collaboration with the German transmission manufacturer ZF to offer great shift comfort and sports characteristics. Driving Alpina with a combination of eight gears and 770 Nm torque will make you journey luxurious cruising experience.

Alpina 8-speed automatic transmission is combined with Alpina XD4 high torque at low rpms and this leads to economical, effortless and relaxed driving and outstanding cruising comfort during journeys. All components in this 8-speed automatic transmission are engineered to cope with BMW’s engine performance and power. Alpina XD4 has a redefined torque converter with a lock-up clutch and custom planetary wheelsets. There is no torque reduction during upshifts, in situations when using Launch Control or during the sportiest setups in Manual Mode.

The automation transmission of Alpina XD4 also gets the latest BMW Comfort and Efficient Dynamics function called Connected Shift. This function uses the data from BMW’s navigation system to perform anticipatory shifting based on routes and road corners.

Transmission Modes

Alpina XD4 Steering Wheel
Alpina XD4 Steering Wheel

The 8-speed SWITCH-TRONIC sport automatic transmission has three predefined operation modes to help you in any driving situation.

  • Automatic Mode – the combination of eight gears and 770 Nm of torque makes you journey luxurious cruising experience.
  • Sport Modeoptimizing the shift points in this mode will improve the overall driving performance. The gear changes are faster and dynamic. In this mode, you are able to activate the Launch Control feature.
  • Manual Mode – if you want maximum control and performance you need to activate this mode. Gear changing is manual in this mode using the SWITCH-TRONIC buttons placed on the back of the steering wheel. The shit times are extremely fast – around 100 milliseconds.
Urban (l/100km) 7,8
Extra-urban (l/100km) 6,3
Combined (l/100km) 6,9
CO2 emissions combined (g/km) 183

Chassis & Suspension

This car has a unique driving experience, which can be characterized as effortless. Alpina chassis is well balanced and the suspension set-up taken to the new level. Alpina XD4 provides superior riding comfort and unique dynamics in one setup.

The Driving Experience Control controls the suspension of the car using the electronically adjustable dampers. The driver is able to to select many different driving modes – ECO PRO, COMFORT+, COMFORT, SPORT, SPORT+ and ADAPTIVE mode. Alpina uses sportier shock absorber springs which are shorter and stiffer. This setup is improving the car dynamics and handling. Working in conjunction with BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system and using the system for full variable torque distribution and the electronic active rear limited slip differential makes the car handling easy and enjoyable.


Alpina XD4 comes with an active electronically controlled active rear limited slip differential. This system greatly improves the car traction during dynamic driving conditions. The LSD provides this by ensuring that slip-induced losses are lowered to minimum and all torque is distributed effectively to the appropriate wheel – this one which have most grip at this particular moment.


BMW Alpina cars are offering the highest degree of sportiness and comfort as well as perfect handling. This ensures high-degree of safety and great stability. The electronic systems for driving stability and control are specifically reconfigured for Alpina XD4 model.

Alpina goes even further by changing the aerodynamic properties of the car especially for situations when driving at higher speeds. Using the principle called ‘Form Follows Function‘, Alpina introduces to BMW X4 aerodynamic components such as new spoilers(front and rear) which are designed specifically to provide maximum possible reduction in lift to ensure perfect handling.

High performance brakes

For such a high performance car it is crucial to have perfect brake system. Alpina XD4 incorporates a four piston fixed-calliper with 395 mm front discs and a floating-calliper with 370 mm rear discs. There is also high-performance brake system which can be ordered separately. This optional brake system uses lightweight drilled composite 395 mm front discs and 398 mm rear discs with sportier brake pads. This brake system is developed for greater fading resistance under highest loads.


Alpina XD4 Standard Equipment
Alpina XD4 Standard Equipment

As you can see on the following list Alpina XD4 comes with a lot of standard equipment and technologies:


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