Alpina tuning for the new 7 series F01/F02

Alpina tuning for the new 7 series F01/F02

When it comes to BMW every info about their new products is a big secret. But some bimmer fans managed to snap some photos of one new car. One new BMW that all of us are waiting to see on the streets. One this photos you can see that BMW car manufacturer Alpina are testing their first model based on the upcoming 2009 BMW 7 Series.

What we can see clearly that they are some small changes of the exterior of the car. One of them is the larger trunk lip. There is no clear front end photo, but the side shots show some changes there as well. You can see the typical Alpina front bumperI hope that the Alpina version of the new 7 series will have more aggressive front grille than the original. On the photos we can see that the exhaust pipes are different. The exhausts are different on the two vehicles which are spotted. I think that this variant with the four pipes will be the one which Alpina will use for the car. And of course the interior will be changed in Alpina style.

So now we are waiting for more photos and info and for official information about the new BMW 7 Series made by Alpina.


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